Quilt Gallery

True North Sampler Quilt, Queen Size Bed Quilt

Features Northcott Fabrics, pattern available

True North Sampler Quilt, Bed Runner, 36″ X 80″

Features Northcott Fabrics “Oh Canada” line, pattern available.

Spruce Tree and Flying Geese Art Quilt, 39″ X 51″

Tulip Art Quilt, 28″ X 54″

Pine Cone, Art Quilt 36″ X 42″

Moon Shadow Moon Shadow Art Quilt, 26.5″ X 29″

Pine Tree on the St Lawrence,

Art Quilt 39.5″ X 56″

Sutton , Art Quilt 37″ X 46.5″

Can be hung with or without the window frame.

Urban Trees , Art Quilt 28″ X 53.5″

Rock Face, Art Quilt 41.4″ X 35″


Improv Blues, Art Quilt 29.5″ X 49″

River Ran Through It,

Art Quilt


Land of the Silver Birch, Art Quilt, 54″ X 54″

Pattern available.

Birch Trees – Spring Buds

Art Quilt 37″ X 46″

Mini Birch Trees, Art Quilt 21″ X 26″

Birch Trees Fall, Art Quilt 52″ X 55″


Birch Trees Winter, Art Quilt 52″ X 52″


Lois’s Birch Tree Quilt,

Art Quilt 8 ft X 4 ft


Random Log Cabin

Art Quilt 70″ X 26″


Canada’s Natural Regions, Art Quilt 58″ X 50″

Pattern Available


Art Quilt 15.5″ X 28″

Beaver Pond Trilliums

Art Quilt 15.5″ X 24.5″

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